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Why Charter a Sailing Catamaran

Sailing Catamaran description

What is a Sailing Catamaran?

A catamaran is a type of boat consisting of two hulls joined by a frame. Sailing catamarans have fairly recently become popular with yachtmen because of their stability, spaciousness and safety. They can be sail or engine-powered, with one engine in each hull. Charter catamarans are popular charter boats because they can be maneuvered easily and can anchor in very shallow waters. Also, they offer much more privacy than any other type of boat due to their spaciousness. The panoramic view from their cockpit is wonderful. Catamarans are stable and they rarely heel, at 5 degrees at the most that makes them a great choice if you get sea sick. When sailing a catamaran, you can sit, eat, drink, walk or just enjoy sightseeing.

Catamaran Charter benefits

Benefits of Choosing a Catamaran Over a Monohull

There are many benefits of choosing a catamaran over a monohull. Sailing catamarans:

- rarely heel more than 5 degrees - offshore passages are less tiring, drink and food stay on the table and there is less chance of getting seasick.

- sail windward 25% faster, while off the wind 75-100% faster than a monohull,

- have a shallow draft - there are more anchoring possibilities,

- have large, wide deck areas and a larger salon providing 360-degree visibility,

- have more privacy - separate hulls with separate cabins,

- need no ballast and their buoyancy means you cannot overcrowd them.

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